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building missional awareness,
community, and collaboration,
among a diversity of churches


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The Sending Project

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  • Vision

    The Sending Project Vision is based upon Jesus’ prayer in John 17:23, where he prayed for his followers in this way…

    “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me…”

    There are many churches conducting local and/or global mission efforts on their own.

    Imagine hundreds of churches working together…

    • working in unity
    • working strategically
    • joining forces to eliminate physical and spiritual poverty in the world

    We imagine it every day. And we believe it can happen.

    The Sending Project is facilitating a city-wide alliance of pastors and church mission leaders from Kansas City area churches so they can

    • come together
    • learn from each other
    • serve alongside each other

    God has a heart for the poor. He has a heart for the nations. And He wants His Church to be in unity. Now is the time for us to connect with His heart and work together to let the world know how much He loves them.

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