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December 2009 -- The Sending Project is launched, with the purpose of uniting the Church to eliminate physical and spiritual poverty in the world. At the point of launching, The Sending Alliance was also launched.

November 2010 -- The first short-term international missionary is sent by The Sending Project. (Guatemala)

March 2011 -- The Sending Network, gatherings of pastors and church mission leaders in the context of world mission, is launched.

January 2013 -- The first long-term international missionaries, the Buell family going to Haiti, are sent by The Sending Project, in partnership with Hillcrest Covenant Church.

May 2013 -- The Finishing the Task: Momentum Series was launched -- luncheons that feature indigenous mission practitioners who have experience in reaching unreached people groups.

April 2014 -- The KC Prayer Bus Tours begin. Several times each year, people from various churches ride on the Prayer Bus, visiting three Sending Alliance churches and praying for their mission ministries.

September 2014 -- nearly 300 people from 70 different churches attend The Sending Project's 5-year celebration banquet.

September 2015 -- The dream of the KC 2020 Vision is announced, with The Sending Project seeking to partner with various churches, businesses, and nonprofits in efforts to realize this dream of the Church of KC being more strategically coordinated around Jesus and His mission. Learn more by going to the KC 2020 Vision website.

September 2016 -- The movement is continuing to grow, as The Sending Project is now networked with more 160 churches, with more than 60 of those churches belonging to The Sending Alliance.

Eric Rochester, Executive Director, reflects..."We thank God for what He is doing through TSP. We count it a great privilege to be connecting with the sending movement He is creating in the KC area. To God be all the glory!"

Imagine hundreds of churches from a city working together, strategically joining forces to eliminate physical and spiritual poverty in various places around the world--making God’s name more famous among the nations. That’s the vision, dream, and prayer of God that keeps us moving forward.