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Westside Family

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Westside Family


Church Name: Westside Family Church


Church Physical Address:
Street Address : 8500 Woodsonia Dr.
City : Lenexa
State : Kansas
Zip Code : 66227


Church Main Phone: (913) 422-8257


Church Main Email Address: info@westsidefamilychurch.com


Church Website: www.westsidefamilychurch.com


Name of Point Person for Church Mission Activity:
First : Rob
Last : Wegner


Best Phone for Reaching Point Person for Church Mission Activity: 913-422-8257


Best Email for Reaching Point Person for Church Mission Activity:


Church Denomination: Non Deonominational


Local Mission Activity (within 50-mile radius of KC Metro):


Urban Scholastic Center in Kansas City, KS


Hillcrest Transitional Housing in Kansas City, KS


Mission Adelante in Kansas City, KS


Mission House in Kansas City, KS


Avenue of Life in Kansas City, KS


Freedom Farm in Bonner Springs, KS


Brothers in Blue in Lansing, KS



Global Mission Activity (beyond a 50-mile radius of the KC Metro):

India (two children's homes, HIV-AIDS care and prevention, church planting movements, assistance to the desperately poor, and much more)


Thailand (two children's homes, a safe house for human traffic victims, prison ministry, church planting, HIV-AIDS care and prevention, and outreach to unreached people groups)


South Africa ( three children's homes for HIV-AIDS orphans, daily meals for 1800+ orphans, HIV-AIDS care and prevention initiatives, and much more)