Together Kansas City

Together Kansas City

The only way we can reach a city is by working together in an extraordinary way, led by the Holy Spirit. 

Every person in the KC-area Body of Christ has a part to play. 

What’s your part?

The Sending Project is continuing to pursue the vision of a strategically coordinated missional citywide Church of Kansas City that will have unprecedented Kingdom impact both locally and globally. 

A Scriptural connection for this vision:

This vision of citywide Church unity in mission connects with Jesus’ prayer for His disciples in John 17:23b, where He prayed to the Father, saying: “...May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me.” Unity and mission are seamlessly woven together in Jesus’ prayer!

A backbone organization for this vision: 

The Sending Project is serving and connecting the citywide Church of KC, building missional awareness, community, and collaboration among a diversity of churches and the overall Body of Christ. We are blessed to be networking believers around Jesus and His mission...the Great Commission He gave us.

A supporting element for this vision: 

The Saturate KC / Love KC initiative is key to the accomplishment of this vision, focusing on the citywide Church of KC working together as a family to encourage and increase engagement with God’s Word, missional prayer, and the Gospel of Jesus in the KC area. The Together Kansas City funding campaign is vital to accomplishing this vision, as we invite and confirm financial partners to provide sustainability and growth. 

We invite you on this journey as a financial partner!

We believe we are in a Kairos moment—a window of opportunity is open and we don’t want to miss it. God is moving in this season and we want to move with Him. Please prayerfully consider where your generosity fits to support the mission of a citywide Church working together. Every gift matters.

Annual Need: $630,000



  • $1-$29/month (or $1-$359/year)
  • 150 financial partners needed, e.g. 150 x $240/yr = $36,000


  • $30-$99/month (or $360-$1,199/year) 
  • 90 financial partners needed, e.g. 90 x $600/yr = $54,000


  • $100-$499/month (or $1,200-$5,999/year)
  • 27 financial partners needed, e.g. 27 x $3,000/yr = $81,000


  • $500-$999/month (or $6,000-$11,999/year)
  • 15 financial partners needed, e.g. 15 x $9,000/yr = $135,000


  • $1,000-$4,999/month (or $12,000-59,999/year)
  • 8 financial partners needed, e.g. 8 x $18,000/yr = $144,000


  • $5,000+/month (or $60,000+/year)
  • 3 financial partners needed, e.g. 3 x $60,000/yr = $180,000

You can give by check or online. Monthly donations are very helpful, and quarterly, annual and single gifts are also an important part of this campaign.

You can also join the Together Kansas City campaign as a Prayer Partner and/or Volunteer Serving Partner.

Thank you for being on this unity-building missional journey with us in this way. As we work together, we can see a greater Kingdom impact than if we work in disconnected silos of ministry. God is on the move!

Let’s do this Together Kansas City!