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Sending Network Gathering for Pastors, Church Leaders, and Ministry Mission Leaders

Thu, October 25, 2018

Pastors and Church Mission Leaders...

You're invited to be a part of this next Sending Network gathering of pastors and church mission leaders that will focus on Saturate KC and celebrating collaborative ministry efforts in the Kansas City area.

Dinner, Networking, and Featured Presentations

This will be a gathering of pastors and church mission leaders from a diversity of churches, gathering to network in the context of local and global mission. Learn about what God is doing through KC-area churches and their mission partners and make great missional connections. This event includes dinner, networking, and featured presentations.

Featured presenters include leaders from Citywide Prayer Movement, Caring for Kids, The Culture House, and Perspectives. Each church represented at this network gathering will also have time to share briefly about their church's mission activity.

Jeremiah Enna will be speaking about "Underground," a Storling Dance Company presentation that will be at the Kauffman Center.  Jeremiah is the Founder and Executive Director of The Culture House in Kansas City. The Culture House is an award-winning community arts organization succeeding in excellence, education, and social engagement. Jeremiah is passionate about the building of life giving, spirited, and generous communities and a student of the socio-economic, religious, and cultural components that interplay to create either a thriving environment or an impoverished one. Jeremiah is a deeply convinced Christian and hopes that he can positively influence his community with life-affirming values that the Biblical perspective has brought to the many cultures it has transformed. Jeremiah is currently working with his wife on a new production, The Cost of Living, about the beauty, challenge, and sacredness of the family.

Phil Kreiling will be speaking about Caring for Kids.  Phil served as pastor for Overland Park First Assembly from 1981-2010, and resigned in 2010 to launch 411 IMPACT. He now serves Kansas City metro area pastors and ministry leaders as a leadership coach, as well as an organizational consultant for churches and non-profits. Phil is a master level coach with the Assemblies of God and is an Associate Certified coach with the International Coach Federation. He has a Bible/Pastoral Ministries degree and recently completed his Masters in Organizational Leadership. Phil is very involved in public school ministry around KC thru character-based assemblies, along with building partnerships between schools, churches, and businesses to serve the needs of students, teachers and administrators. His heart is coaching next-generation leaders to lead city transformation.  
Gary Schmitz will be giving an update about Citywide Prayer Movement of Kansas City.  Gary has served as a pastor in the Kansas City, MO/KS area for 30+ years and is ordained in the Evangelical Covenant Church. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the Citywide Prayer Movement and Board Chairman and Founder of the Caring for Kids Network in Kansas City. He facilitates prayer summit retreats, teaches workshops, and connects pastors, leaders, and intercessors. He is a leader and networker in the growing movement of prayer and community transformation. Gary’s passion is helping every believer grow in their love relationship with God, helping local congregations develop creative presence-based “houses of prayer”, and building collaborative unity among churches across denominational and racial lines seeking spiritual awakening and social transformation of local communities.
Sherri Thomas will be giving an update about Perspectives.  Sherri is the Kansas City Area Mobilizer for the Perspectives course. She has actively been a part of this citywide ministry for over 11 years. She is a native to Johnson County and has been involved in a lifetime of leadership roles in the church community. Currently, along with her role with Perspectives, she serves as a board member with The Sending Project and with DeSoto Youth Ministries. For the last twenty years, she and her husband have also been hosting and befriending international college students on the UMKC campus and most recently at Johnson County Community College.

Thursday, October 25, 2018
6:00 PM to 8:30 PM 

Dinner will be served at 6:00 PM.  

Westbrooke Church
9777 Antioch Rd, Overland Park, KS 66212


Please register by October 24. 

Karen Blankenship
The Sending Project