Ibaloi Language

Meet the

Ibaloi People 

Since having the New Testament and the "JESUS" film in their language, the Ibaloi people hunger for the
complete Bible. This project will provide consultants who can bring the remaining 21 drafted Old Testament
books up to publishable quality.


The Challenge

The Ibaloi have farmed the same land for centuries, defending it against the Spaniards in the 1600s. Today they continue to grow rice in terraces, as well as vegetables, fruit and cut flowers. They have also ventured into industries such as herding cattle and mining gold. In recent decades, the Ibaloi have aggressively pursued education and today are found in all modern professions around the world.

The Ibaloi community is already on the path to transformation. As traditional spirit worshippers, they sought the blessings of their ancestors, asking for healing, prosperity and long lives. Thanks to the introduction of Christianity in the 1950s, about 30 percent of the Ibaloi claim to be Christians. In more recent years, a team of translators produced the New Testament and the “JESUS” film. Being exposed to mother tongue Scripture has resulted in Christians showing love and grace to other people groups and cooperating in mission outreaches to them.

Now that preachers are using the Ibaloi New Testament as a basis for sermons, people are hungry for the whole Bible. Some say, “It is discouraging to bring the New Testament to church when the preacher uses an Old Testament portion for his text.”

The Solution

“I [Paul] declare today that I have been faithful. If anyone suffers eternal death, it’s not my fault, for I didn’t shrink from declaring all that God wants you to know.” — Acts 20:26-27 (NLT)

Having all that God wants them to know is the desire of Ibaloi believers. They have had the New Testament since 1978. However, having access to the Old Testament will make it easier to understand why the Jews were looking for a Messiah — or why one is needed. They will gain further insight into how Jesus’ death on the cross accomplishes the removal of our sin and reconciliation with God. They will increase their knowledge of God’s precious promises, which He fulfilled first in Christ but will continue fulfilling for those who trust in Him.

The translation team is well on the way to providing the Old Testament for the Ibaloi people so they may fully understand God’s plan of salvation from the foundation of the earth. The team will take the 21 remaining Old Testament books that have been drafted and partially checked, through the consultant checking and publishing steps. Then the Ibaloi people will have a full printed Bible available to them.


Number of Speakers:

  • 186,000


  • Complete consultant check of 21 Old Testament books and publish the entire Old Testament


  • Translators have gained much experience from working on the New Testament. The community and partners have a strong interest in the project’s success. Consultants are available to help. Partners are contributing office space and utilities.


  • This is a low-risk project as many groups are involved to bring it to a timely completion. Factors such as political change or environmental hazard are minimal.

Expected Completion:  2017