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building missional awareness,
community, and collaboration,
among a diversity of churches


SATtalks -- Join the Conversation about Doing Sustainable Good

Wed, October 29, 2014


using a TED Talks format to explore the following BIG IDEA:

How can churches and other faith-based organizations pursue their missional goals in ways that lead to self-sustaining solutions where needs are being met without relying on charitable resources and where the person or community has the ability to provide the ongoing means and opportunities to achieve their full potential?

October 29-30

Indian Creek Community Church
12480 S Black Bob Rd
Olathe, KS 66062

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SATtalks are generally two-day events with presenters from 6-8 faith-based organizations that are actively applying the BIG IDEA in their particular ministry. Presenters give their best 18-minute talk to a live audience about what they are doing and learning, what is working and what is not, followed by a time for questions, answers, and other spirited dialogue.

Given the demand and the interest in the BIG IDEA, there are plans for future SATtalks around the country. The long-term vision is to accelerate learning by bringing together innovative people with works in progress to share and learn from each other. Through a digital marketing and social marketing strategy, Significant Matters will spread the BIG IDEA to the wider public and further expand awareness of what it takes to do good in sustainable ways.

SATtalks are facilitated by Significant Matters, a mission partner of Indian Creek Community Church and other churches in The Sending Alliance.