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building missional awareness,
community, and collaboration,
among a diversity of churches


The Sending Registry Participants

This is a list of churches in the KC area, and their local and global mission activity.  

We've just started The Sending Registry, and as it grows, it will represent more and more of the mission activity of the big "C" Church of Kansas City! Tell your pastor or church mission leader, and get added to The Sending Registry!


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Registry Search Key:

Global Locations

(outside 50 mile radius of KC)

GC = Continent of Mission

GD = District/Region of Mission

GN = Nation of Mission

GS = State/Province of Mission

GT = Town/City of Mission

Local Locations

(within 50 mile radius of KC)

K/M = State of Mission

LC = City of Mission

LN = Neighborhood of Mission

Names and Types

N = Name of Mission

T = Type of Mission


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