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A North Kansas City-based missions organization with a long history of dynamic involvement in God’s mission around the world. Now, focusing on short-cycle church planting, Avant sends teams into cities and regions with the goal of establishing a church, training indigenous leaders, handing off the leadership of the church to those leaders, and exiting within 5 years. The Sending Project recommends Avant as an excellent mission agency to consider, for those interested in a longer-term mission venture. Avant makes its training resources available to TSP.


A comprehensive travel agency that specializes in church-related groups, including mission trips, educational tours, and ski trips.  The Sending Project is glad to partner with Green Kite Travel for its travel logistics, and recommends Green Kite Travel for all of your church's trips.

For many organizations, marketing and technology is approached haphazardly or in reaction to various market conditions or competitors. Success is found in creating and executing strategic plans that are laser focused, which help your organization stand apart from competitors and produce clarity of purpose within your market. We approach each client, each project, from a core foundation of strategic thought. We ask “why” before “how”. We measure, we analyze, we assure each project meets the strategic goals of our clients all while getting your brand noticed.

When you partner with Strategy, you not only get amazing creative work, you get a strategic implementation that produces measurable results that grow your organization. All of this accomplished by a team of down to earth people whose greatest passion is leveraging new media to grow your organization.


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