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building missional awareness,
community, and collaboration,
among a diversity of churches


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The Sending Network

Awareness is the first step...but if it stops there, no real positive impact will be made.  Life and mission is about relationships, including relationships among pastors and church mission leaders. The Sending Network is about building community among these leaders in the big "C" Church of Kansas City.

Sometimes this happens spontaneously; sometimes through planned coffees, breakfasts, or lunches; sometimes through serving together.  The Sending Project regularly facilitates one-on-one or small group meetings among pastors and church mission leaders.

Each quarter during the year, The Sending Project facilitates The Sending Network gathering -- this is a citywide gathering of pastors and church mission leaders...coming together for the express purpose of building community and sharing about their church's mission ministry with each other.

Click HERE to GET MORE INFO and to REGISTER for the Next Citywide Sending Network Gathering.

We invite you to join The Sending Network. This is a step beyond The Sending Registry. This involves more than words being entered into a data base. This involves friendship...and without it, there will most likely never be true collaboration.

Call or email us, and let us help you meet your peers in the Church of KC -- other pastors and church mission leaders who are ready to spend a portion of their time focused on friendships that are a key component of the missional expression of the citywide Church of KC.