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Ministry for World Evangelization

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Ministry for World Evangelization




Church Name: Ministry for World Evangelization

Church Physical Address:

Street Address : 3829 Main St

City : Kansas City

State : Missouri

Zip Code : 64111

Church Main Phone: (816) 337-5634

Church Main Email Address: dossou_onction@hotmail.com

Church Website: http://mwechurch.wordpress.com/


Name of Point Person for Church Mission Activity:

First : Pastor Abel

Last : Dossou Sognon

Best Phone for Reaching Point Person for Church Mission Activity: see above

Best Email for Reaching Point Person for Church Mission Activity: see above


Global Mission Activity (beyond a 50-mile radius of the KC Metro):

Abel Dossou Sognon, Pastor of Ministry for World Evangelization, recently returned from a ministry trip to West Africa—specifically to minister to our brothers and sisters from Ivory Coast, who now find themselves living in a refugee camp in Ghana. After the recent uprisings in Ivory Coast, and change of leadership, Ivorians are facing religious persecution. Many have fled the country in attempt to save their lives. Those who remain in Ivory Coast live in fear of disappearing in the night as others have. One group o fpeople in this particular camp in Ghana are pastors, brothers and sisters from one of our churches from Abidjan. These believers arise at 4am daily to worship and pray daily. They daily minister to others within the camp, and they pray for open doors to safety and provision.


Fundraiser for African Refugees

There is an urgent need to help our Christian brothers and sisters from Ivory Coast, who are currently in refugee camps in Ghana. After the political turmoil of the last months, more than 6,000 Christians have been chased from their homes, possessions, families, and their country. They are surviving only on rice, lack clean drinking water, and are sleeping on dirt floors. Some of these people are our family and friends, and it breaks our hearts to see them in this position. We are asking for help in many ways. Please PRAY for the return of religious freedom, without persecution, in Ivory Coast. Besides monetary donations, we are also accepting used computers, ipods, cell phones, that can be sold in Africa. All donations received will be 100% donated to this effort, and all donations are tax deductible. Donations may be mailed or brought to the MWEC Office at 5934 Oak St, Kansas City, MO 64113. Contact Pastor Abel Dossou-Sognon at 816.337.5634 (cell), or Steven Liang at 816.382.5497, or Martin Ngome at 816.358.7841. Contact via email: dossou_onction@hotmail.com.