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  • United Christian Fellowship joins The Sending Alliance!

    We are glad to announce that United Christian Fellowship has joined The Sending Alliance! This is a Sudanese church that meets in two locations: near the downtown airport and also in the NE KC, MO area. This church is led by Pastor Gabriel Riak (in photo at left). James Ater (in photo at right) is the Communications Coordinator and a mission leader for the church, and he is serving as The Sending Project Liaison for this Arabic-speaking community of Jesus followers....

  • Volunteer Opportunities with The Sending Project

    Communications Writing blog posts, creating and sending out emails, etc. TSP has a serious need for 2 or 3 people who can spend 2 or 3 hours per week focused on communicating updates through these types of media. We will provide training if needed.

  • KC Prayer Bus Makes Inaugural Journey

    Clint Hall, The Sending Project's Director of Church Relations, is the driver of the Prayer Bus Ministry. (figuratively and literally!) KC Prayer Bus Makes Inaugural Trip The Sending Project (TSP) Prayer Bus made its inaugural journey around the KC metro area on Saturday morning April 26, stopping at Paseo Baptist, The Oasis, and Indian Creek Community Church. The Prayer Bus is a unique element of The Sending Project prayer ministry...which overall is focused on praying for the mission ministrie...

  • Discovery Bible Studies -- Training Session on Feb 22

    Click on the following link for the flyer about the Feb 22, 2014, training session on Discovery Bible Studies. Discovery_Bible_Studies.pdf

  • Turkey Trip with Dennis Wiens

    Click on the following links to learn more about the Turkey trip that Dennis Wiens is leading during March 23-April 1, 2014. It includes the 7 churches of Revelation, and the opportunity to learn about the great ministry of SAT-7. Dennis is the TSP Liaison for Avondale Baptist, a member of The Sending Alliance.

  • The Justice Conference

    Click on the following link for information about The Justice Conference simulcast at Woods Chapel in Lee's Summit, Missouri, taking place during February 21-22, 2014. 2014_Info_for_Orgs.pdf

  • Perspectives Kansas City Area Classes for Spring 2014

    Are you ready for your life to be changed? Perspectives is a great opportunity to see God's heart for all of His people. With Biblical, Historical, Cultural, and Strategic sections of the class, you will journey through our Father's love for every tribe and language and people and nation.

  • "A Taste of Perspectives" at Palestine Missionary Baptist Church of Jesus Christ

    These Five Tuesdays Will Change Your Life Palestine Missionary Baptist Church 3619 E. 35th Street, KCMO 64128 816.921.6009 A Taste of PERSPECTIVES ONE STORY FOR GOD’S GLORY Get to know the heart of God! Learn how to tell your Jesus story effectively every time!

  • Outside Showers Are Now Even Awesomer


  • Rapid Growth of The Sending Project Means Big Crowd at 4-Year Celebration!

    Wow! The Sending Project's 4-Year Celebration was really fantastic! It was a great and diverse gathering of 180 people from the Body of Christ, representing about 40 different churches from across the KC metro area.

  • Explore the Principles and Practices of Disciple-Making Movements

    Check out this innovative and strategic opportunity, presented by Roy Moran, the Lead Pastor of Shoal Creek Community Church in Liberty, Missouri, a member of The Sending Alliance. Starting this fall explore the phenomena of disciple making movements and the implications for Kansas City. Tuesday mornings 6:30 am to 8:30 am, Sept 17 (limit of 8 people per session) Register using Facebook login at http://bit.ly/12C8jkp How do you Disciple a City?

  • The Sending Agency

    The Sending Project functions as a church-assisting organization, that is building awareness, community, and collaboration among pastors and church mission leaders through the following ministries: THE SENDING REGISTRY – a comprehensive city-wide database of the local and global sending activities of churches – building awareness THE SENDING NETWORK – a relational body of pastors and church mission leaders in a city-wide area, growing in friendships with each other and sharing mission-related in...

  • Gary Kendall's Update on the KC Coalition

    Gary Kendall is the Lead Pastor at Indian Creek Community Church, a member of The Sending Alliance. ------------------------------ God is doing a new thing in these days to bring the Church of KC together in unprecedented ways. God is doing it.

  • Meet the Nunleys -- Sending Project Missionaries in South Africa!

    Meet the Nunleys! We are glad to announce that this great family is coming on board as missionaries with The Sending Project. They have tight connections with at least two of The Sending Alliance churches: Shoal Creek Community Church in Liberty, MO, and Westside Family Church in Lenexa, KS.

  • 35 Churches Now in The Sending Alliance!

    Oops. There were actually 34 churches (not 33) in The Sending Alliance, as of the count a few weeks ago. Plus, Hope Community recently joined.

  • 3 Latest Churches to Join The Sending Alliance -- Brings Total to 33

    We are super excited that 3 more churches have joined The Sending Alliance in recent days, bringing the total number of churches in this alliance to 33. Specifically, Iglesia Canaan, Christ the Servant, and Iglesia Cristiana Palabra Viva have recently joined. We say a big "WELCOME" and we look forward to the missional journey with you!

  • Meet the Buells -- Going to Haiti as Missionaries!

    Sent by Hillcrest Covenant through The Sending Project The Lee and Brianna Buell family (pictured below right) is going to Haiti as missionaries. I encourage you to read about their adventure. I guarantee you will be encouraged and inspired!

  • 2 More Churches Join The Sending Alliance--Total Now 30

    Macedonia Baptist and Woods Chapel United Methodist recently joined The Sending Alliance!  This brings the total number of churches in The Sending Alliance to 30.  The Sending Project celebrates these great churches who are putting intentional effort toward growing in awareness, community, and consideration of collaborative missional initiatives.

  • Michael Griswold Mission Trip to Slovakia

    March 5, 2012 Dear Family, Friends and Christian Supporters: I am Michael Griswold, a Deacon at Macedonia Baptist Church and Ministry leader for the Brotherhood Ministry. Ihave been presented with a great opportunity to be part of a mission trip with Macedonia in partnership with Corporate Baptist Fellowship. The trip is to Kosice, Slovakia in Eastern Europe.

  • The Gathering Network joins The Sending Alliance!

    We're glad to announce: The Gathering Network has joined The Sending Alliance! This is a vibrant, next-generation, faith community led by Pastor Glenn Kahler. The Sending Project (TSP) Liaison for The Gathering Network (TGN) is TSP Advocate Lindsey Rochester (pictured to the right).

  • Hillcrest Covenant is Sending the Buell family to serve as missionaries in Haiti

    The Sending Project is excited to serve as the Sending Agency for the Buell family, being sent to Haiti as missionaries by Hillcrest Covenant Church in Prairie Village, Kansas. Hillcrest Covenant is a member of The Sending Alliance and is very active in Sending Project networking events with other pastors and church mission leader. Hillcrest Covenant is a very mission-active church...with a variety of local and global mission ministries...they are also hosting Perspectives during this Spring 201...

  • A Disciple-Making Movement in Kansas City?

    Imagine a disciple-making movement in Kansas City...a movement that permeates the entire city and operates outside the traditional structures of the Western Church. You have a unique opportunity later this month to learn about this concept, and hear from some leaders in the U.S. who are working with disciple-making movements in their cities.

  • Crossroads Church KC joins The Sending Alliance!

      The Sending Alliance now has a church from the Crossroads District!  We are glad to announce that Crossroads Church KC has become the 27th church to join this diverse alliance of churches from the KC metro area. The Pastor, and TSP Liaison, for Crossroads Church KC is AJ Vanderhorst.

  • Will You Tithe Your Time to the Big "C" Church of KC?

    There is a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit blowing in the Kansas City metro area. More and more pastors andchurch mission leaders from different churches are devoting serious chunks of time listening to each other, learning from each other, becoming friends with each other, and even serving alongside each other. What will it take for the big "C" Church of Kansas City operate in unity for the purpose of mission?

  • Centennial United Methodist Joins The Sending Alliance!

    We are blessed to announce that Centennial United Methodist Church has joined The Sending Alliance!  This church is led by Pastor David Anthony Gilmore.  You can read about Pastor Gilmore's many achievements and learn more about him by clicking on the Centennial United Methodist Pastor's Bio.  This church is located at 1834 Woodland Ave, in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • Meet Lindsey Rochester -- Newest TSP Advocate!

    TSP welcomes our newest Advocate--Lindsey Rochester!   Lindsey recently graduated with a degree in Spanish from Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, OK.  She has a heart for helping people make connections and also for serving the marginalized in society.

  • Shoal Creek Community Church joins The Sending Alliance!

    Shoal Creek Community Church has joined The Sending Alliance! We are glad to welcome this missional church to this growing citywide alliance that is building unity in connection with God's global mission.  Shoal Creek is led by Pastor Roy Moran (pictured at left). Roy's heart to see the Gospel shared across Kansas City has led him to explore disciple-making movements as experienced in places like Eastern Africa.

  • Ministry for World Evangelization joins The Sending Alliance!

    The Sending Alliance now has a French-speaking church!  That's right, the Ministry for World Evangelization -- located at 3829 Main St, in Kansas City, Missouri -- speaks French.  Their Sunday service (1:30pm start time) is bi-lingual, so with English you can still fully understand and participate.

  • Leawood Presbyterian Joins The Sending Alliance!

    We are glad to welcome Leawood Presbyterian Church (LPC) to The Sending Alliance!  This church is led by Pastor Ryan Kapple (pictured with his wife, Amy, and their kids, and the TSP Liaison is Jeremy Wikler (pictured below), who serves as the overseer for LPC mission ministry. LPC has several local mission partners, along with global mission activity that includes a regular mission trip to Trinidad.  As with each church that joins...The Sending Alliance ju...

  • Citywide Sending Network Gathering on September 1st

    There were 32 pastors and church mission leaders in attendance, representing 16 different churches! The group had great diversity--ethnically, geographically, and denominationally. A pastor of a French-speaking congregation was there.

  • LifeQuest Church Joins The Sending Alliance!

    The Sending Project enthusiastically welcomes LifeQuest Church to The Sending Alliance!  LifeQuest, located at 1400 N Scott, in Belton, Missouri, is led by Pastor Chris Pinion. The TSP Liaison for LifeQuest is Dan Blankenship (in photo), who serves as Mission Director.

  • Paseo Baptist Joins The Sending Alliance!

    We are excited to announce that Paseo Baptist Church has joined The Sending Alliance!  This is an historic church in urban Kansas City, Missouri, that is located at 2501 Paseo Blvd.  Greg Ealey, Paseo Baptist's Senior Pastor, has a kingdom mindset to go along with his Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

  • Meet TSP's New Director of Advancement--Doc Butler

    The Sending Project welcomes Doc Butler as our new Director of Advancement.  Doc has served as an administrator in the Kansas City, Missouri, school district for many years, and has recently transitioned to pursue a full-time role with mission mobilization. While Doc believes that someday God will very likely lead him to actually go long-term and serve cross-culturally in foreign mission someday, he says "...in this season He has charged me to mobilize others to go, including those who do n...

  • Conquistadores Centro Cristiano joins The Sending Alliance!

    The Sending Project welcomes Pastor Jorge Herlein and Conquistadores Centro Cristiano to The Sending Alliance!  Founding Pastor Jorge and his wife, Ester, are leading the way for this Hispanic church, located in Olathe, Kansas, at 220 Rogers Rd. Coquistadores, celebrating 10 years of ministry in August of 2011, is a church where you can find God and discover your destiny!

  • Palestine Missionary Baptist Joins The Sending Alliance!

    Palestine Missionary Baptist Church of Jesus Christ, located in Kansas City, MO, on 35th Street just East of Cleveland Ave., has joined The Sending Alliance!  The Sending Project is so encouraged by Palestine Missionary Baptist's kingdom-mindedness in seeking to network and connect with other churches in the KC metro area for the purpose of mission. This church is led by Pastor Leonard Butler, and the Mission Director is Edwina Martin.  Edwina (pictured to the right) is the TSP Li...

  • Meet Doc Butler, the Newest TSP Advocate!

    The latest addition to our Sending Project Advocates Team is Doc Butler. We welcome Doc to our team of individuals who are passionate about seeing churches in KC work together to extend their ministry locally and globally. TSP Advocates share the TSP vision with pastors and church mission leaders, inviting them to get connected with this effort to see the Church of KC united in world mission.

  • Joplin Update--from Forest Fisk with Central Church of the Nazarene

    This update is provided by Forest Fisk, with Central Church of the Nazarene. Central Church of the Nazarene, on 87th near I-35 (and Quivira) is going to Joplin, Saturday, June 25th. It will take months for the town of Joplin to recover from the tornado that struck in May.

  • Hillcrest Covenant Joins The Sending Alliance!

    Hillcrest Covenant Church has recently joined The Sending Alliance! This is a church with a robust array of missional activity, and a serious commitment to carrying out the Great Commission. Mission Pastor, David Chan, is the TSP Liaison for Hillcrest Covenant, and he oversees global mission outreaches in locations like Brazil, Kenya, and India.

  • Joplin Update--from Amber Bailey with Cedar Ridge Christian

    This update is provided by Amber Bailey from Cedar Ridge Christian Church in Lenexa, Kansas. I know that Brian Wright, Dave Porter, and a couple other guys are going down to Joplin in the next week or two to meet with key people from the church we are connected with to get a better understanding of how we can best serve and set up teams to volunteer.  It kind of sounds like they may want to bring the "What if the Church" idea that has formed in KC and take it to Joplin.   Today at...

  • Joplin Update--from Heartland Community Church

    This update (provided with permission from Liz Sears) is from the Heartland Community Church website. Join a Saturday workgroup to help Joplin recover. Each Saturday beginning June 18th until July 30th groups of volunteers will be sent from Heartland to one of four distribution sites to help out in whatever way we can be of service.

  • Joplin Needs List--from Randall Leonard with Colonial Presbyterian

    Joplin Update Make sure to check The Sending Project blog for future updates on how KC-area churches are responding to the Joplin tornado disaster.  If you are a KC-area church mission leader or pastor, please let us know about your church's efforts to connect with disaster response in Joplin. Please send your update to: thesendingproject@gmail.com Thank you.

  • Joplin Disaster--More Examples of KC Area Churches Responding

    Make sure to check The Sending Project blog for future updates on how KC-area churches are responding to the Joplin tornado disaster. If you are a KC-area church mission leader or pastor, please let us know about your church's efforts to connect with disaster response in Joplin. Please send your update to: thesendingproject@gmail.com Thank you Hillcrest Covenant 1) Today the Covenant People Respond shower trailer arrived in the parking lot of Forest Park Baptist Church on 7th and Range Line Road...

  • Central Church of the Nazarene Joins The Sending Alliance!

    We are happy to announce that Central Church of the Nazarene has joined The Sending Alliance! Central Nazarene is located at 12600 W 87th Street Parkway, in Lenexa, Kansas, and has both local and global mission involvement. Forest Fisk, Pastor of Missions Mobilization, is the TSP Liaison for Central Nazarene.

  • Mosaikon Joins The Sending Alliance!

    The Sending Project is glad to announce that Mosaikon has joined The Sending Alliance!  Mosaikon is the first Hispanic church to join this alliance of churches who have committed to go on a missional journey of grace and trust in connection with God's global purposes. This young Olathe church's unique name-Mosaikon-reflects the vision of church-planting pastor, Brontis Varona, to develop a multi-cultural church that brings a redemptive presence to peoples with a variety of ethnic ...

  • KC Churches Responding to Joplin Disaster

    The devastation in Joplin is staggering and overwhelming. The Church in Kansas City is responding to this mega-disaster which is only about 3 hours away. Here are some examples of what churches are doing in this early stage of relief efforts.

  • Tear Down Some Walls!

    On June 12, 1987, at the Brandenburg Gate near the Berlin Wall, United States President Ronald Reagan challenged Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to "Tear Down This Wall."  About 30 months later, the Berlin Wall started coming down. I had the privilege of being at the Berlin Wall not long after it had started being destroyed.  There were several business-minded entrepreneurs there, renting hammers for $5 so visitors could chip off a piece of the wall as a souvenir.

  • Atonement Lutheran Joins the TSP Alliance!

    We are glad to announce that Atonement Lutheran has joined The Sending Alliance! The missional life ministry at Atonement Lutheran is led by Brooke Hodnefield and Maryann Grace. Both of these ladies have a great zeal for our missionary God.

  • TSP Missionary -- Megan Spencer -- Update from Guatemala

    I have been in Guatemala for a month now, can you believe it?! It has been an interesting and fantastic experience thatI will never forget.I want to take this time and say thank you so much for the support, both financially and emotionally, that you have provided in order to make this experience possible.I would not be here if it was not for your generosity and kindness, and I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am living with a wonderful family in San Pedro el Panarama, whic...

  • TSP Sending Cassie Klein to Serve in the West Bank and Israel

    TSP will be sending Cassie Klein to serve in the West Bank and Israel for one month this Summer!  She'll be serving with a ministry called, Seeds of Hope, in Jericho.  Since Cassie went to Israel and Palestine during the 2009-10 Winter Break she has felt a strong tug on her heart to go back and serve there.

  • Extended Report on March 3rd Event -- by Gary Groening

    On March 3rd, a group of 33 church mission leaders representing 14 churches of various denominations met to network and share about their efforts for mission, both local and global. This initial gathering was sponsored by The Sending Project, a non-profit organization designed to build a city-wide alliance of churches to work together strategically on mission. Eric Rochester (Director of The Sending Project) opened the meeting with enthusiasm for the many people attending and gave God the glory ...

  • Community Covenant Joins The Sending Project Alliance

    We are excited to announce that Community Covenant Church in Lenexa, Kansas, has joined The Sending Project (TSP) Alliance!  This is a church that has various mission efforts underway, including an ongoing ministry partnership and outreach in South Africa, which they are putting into the TSP mix.  Associate Pastor, John Paul Harris-Webster, is on point for overseeing the mission activity at Community Covenant, and he is from South Africa.

  • March 3rd KC Church Mission Leaders Gathering

    A community of church mission leaders in the KC area is starting to build.  On Thursday, March 3rd, 33 of these leaders, representing 14 different churches (and multiple denominations) gathered at Indian Creek Community Church, in Olathe, KS, on March 3rd. Each church shared about their missions ministry in KC and various places around the globe.

  • Megan Arrives in Guatemala!

    Megan Spencer, TSP Missionary from Christ Church Anglican, has arrived in Guatemala!  She is there on a 5-month mission to help with New Life School.  This photo is from the area where Megan will be serving, in Antigua.

  • Astounding Year One for The Sending Project

    It's hard to believe that just a little more than one year ago The Sending Project (TSP) did not exist.  Up until about 12 months ago it was only an idea...a calling...a tug on the heart...a vision.  And now, by God's grace and for His glory, TSP is nearing its toddler phase.

  • Meet Megan Spencer: TSP's First Intermediate-Term Missionary!

  • I See a Cloud...

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  • No One Knew It Was There!

  • Help Answer Jesus’ Prayer!