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Kingston Nazarene

Kingston Church of the Nazarene is centrally located in Caldwell County at 93 W. Jackson St., Kingston, MO 64650.  Robert Castile is serving as The Sending Project Liaison at Kingston Church of the Nazarene. Robert serves with the church as Senior Pastor, and he also serves as a part-time staff member with The Sending Project. Kingston Nazarene works locally and globally to impact the world with the Gospel.

Kingston's DNA is they love God, each other, and their community. Kingston has a vision to serve the impoverished and under served in Caldwell County and beyond by proclaiming liberty throughout all the land unto all its inhabitants (Lev. 25:10) by meeting people, meeting needs, meeting Jesus and meeting purpose to fulfill the Great Commission.  

Kingston Nazarene church is honored to become an Alliance Church with The Sending Project. We are excited to take this next step in collaboration and experience in new ways what God is doing in the Kansas City area and beyond.