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building missional awareness,
community, and collaboration,
among a diversity of churches


June 4 - KC Missional Prayer Leaders Network Zoom Meeting

Thu, June 4, 2020

June 4 - KC Missional Prayer Leaders Network Zoom Meeting - 11:00am-12:00pm  A diverse citywide network of missional prayer leaders building awareness, community, and collaboration around Jesus and missional prayer, with featured presenters Brian Carline and Jerry Conner.

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Pastor Brian Carline is a servant and slave of Jesus Christ   called by God to Pastor and evangelize the Gospel of Jesus Christ; the Death, Burial and Resurrection.  Brian has been married for 27 years to Evangelist Yvonne Carline with 5 children and 18 Grandchildren. He is Senior Pastor of Team Jesus International Ministry where our primary focus is prayer, the word of God. and preparing people for the return of Jesus Christ.

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Jerry Conner is married to Diana for 35 yrs and they have three grown children and 2 grandsons. He has a bachelors degree in Business Administration and Masters of Divinity. After 18 yrs in the business world and a significant season of prayer, God redirected his life into vocational ministry. In 2000 Jerry and his family moved to Vancouver BC to start a new church where they spent 13 years ministering. In 2013 God brought them to Pleasant Valley Baptist church where he is the pastor of Global Outreach and church planting. He also leads the church in advancing missional prayer ministries.