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Kansas Leadership Center Leadership & Faith teams program

Sun, March 3, 2013





Kansas Leadership Center Leadership & Faith teams program

Endorsed by Westside Family Church

March 3-6 and September 15-17, 2013

Kansas City, KS


Introduction by Matt Adams of Westside Family Church:


Matt Adams of Westside Family Church is currently participating in a leadership development cohort led by the Kansas Leadership Center. This experience has been incredibly valuable to him. The goal of the training is to equip leaders for more effective community transformation. As the pastor of Community Impact for Westside, he is constantly faced with complex issues/challenges that he wants to see the church address. These issues aren't simple, and their solutions will not be easy. The skills he is learning will help him to be more equipped to lead toward meaningful change in his church and in the community. Westside is a church with a heart for the entire Kansas City area. We want to be the kind of church that helps others (individuals, churches, and non-profits) succeed. Matt is championing the KLC leadership training because he is convinced that as more faith minded individuals know and practice the concepts of the KLC we will be more effective in bringing the change we all want to see to the KC community.


Details of the Leadership & Faith teams program:


Allie Denning works at the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) located in Wichita. The KLC is bringing a Leadership & Faith teams program to Kansas City, KS, for a seven month program beginning March 3-6, 2013. She is looking for teams from both congregations and faith-based organizations (universities, non-profits, community groups, etc.) that might be interested in this initiative. The purpose of this program is to equip people of faith with civic leadership skills and help them be as impactful in their communities as they can be. Program details below and an electronic copy of our program brochure can be found HERE.


This is a Kansas focused initiative and is open to ALL faith communities in Kansas. However, if you are part of a congregation or faith-based organization in Kansas City, MO, that attracts members from Kansas and you can put together a team primarily made up of Kansans, then you are encouraged to apply.


Please contact Allie with any questions at adenning@kansasleadershipcenter.org. If you’d like to receive hard copies of the program brochure, please let her know.





We are now accepting applications for our Multi-Faith teams program. This is a seven month program that begins March 3-6, 2013 and will be located in Kansas City, KS. Teams will then return to their communities where they’ll work to identify a community health challenge they hope to make progress on. The Kansas Leadership Center will provide teams with a facilitator. Teams will then return to Kansas City, KS, for their final session, September 15-17, 2013.


Session 1


March 3-6, 2013:


Teams come to Kansas City for 3.5 days of intensive learning around the Kansas Leadership Center’s competencies and principles. Each team will also be paired with a team facilitator who will meet with them as they identify a community challenge to pursue. Team facilitators will be accessible to each team during those months between March and September to meet and give feedback to the team or to facilitate a discussion.


Session 2


September 15-17, 2013:


Teams return to Kansas City for 2.5 days where they’ll experience a process called peer consultation. Teams will provide thoughtful feedback, interpretations and action steps to help other teams make progress on their challenge.


A grant from the Kansas Health Foundation pays for all program expenses except one meal and mileage.


Each team will bring 4-7 members to this training.


The initial application for this program is due January 13. We will choose up to 10 teams.


To apply, visit our program page here: http://kansasleadershipcenter.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=156.