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Indian Creek Community

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Indian Creek Community

Church or Ministry Name:  Indian Creek Community Church

Church or Ministry Physical Address:
Street Address : 12480 S Blackbob Rd
City : Olathe
State : Kansas
Zip Code : 66062

Church or Ministry Main Phone:  (913) 829-0712

Church or Ministry Main Email Address:  staff@indiancreek.org

Church or Ministry Website:  www.indiancreek.org

Name of Point Person for Mission Activity:
First : Ben
Last : Stears

Best Phone Number for Reaching Point Person for Mission Activity:  (913) 829-0712

Best Email Address for Reaching Point Person for Mission Activity:  ben.stears@indiancreek.org

Church Denomination:  Church of God

Church Affiliation:

Local Mission Activity (within 50-mile radius of KC Metro):

Enter all local mission activity in the area below.:  Countryside Elementary School

Global Mission Activity (beyond a 50-mile radius of the KC Metro):

Enter all global mission activity in the area below.:  

Project Partner in China.  Teaching English.  Medical.

India Gospel League in India.  Women's Training.

Oceans of Mercy in South Africa.  Community Development.