India Gospel League

The Sending Project is happy to be partnering with the India Gospel League (IGL), helping KC-area churches and individuals become aware of and connected with various IGL ministries.

IGL is an indigenous, Bible-centered ministry born and operated in the heart of India. Millions across South Asia still need to hear the Good News about Jesus, and millions more need practical blessings like education, medical care, and economic opportunity. All of IGL’s ministries are built to be self-sustaining.

More than 78,000 village churches have been planted by IGL in the past 25 years, and from these, hope is shining out to a world darkened by desperate poverty and ancient idolatry. From a small mission in South India, IGL has grown to become an international mission; sharing the gospel, serving with compassionate care, and seeing God at work.

U.S.A. churches in the KC and beyond can join the KC India Project, an collaborative effort by multiple churches to reach a large part of India with the gospel of Jesus through saturation church planting.