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iDisciple Conference 2014 at Shoal Creek

Wed, April 2, 2014

Cityteam National iDisciple Conference 2014

Making Kingdom Disciples Who Plant Churches Where None Exist

April 2nd – 5th

Shoal Creek Community Church

6816 South Church Road • Pleasant Valley, MO 64068

If you really want to start a Disciple Making Movement this year that rapidly reproduces more and more disciples, then you’ll want to attend the Cityteam iDisciple Conference 2014.  Meet people who have catalyzed the launch of 10, 100, some 5000 disciple making groups started with not-yet-believers. You’ll talk with the real practitioners who are training, equipping, coaching and mentoring ordinary people to make obedient self-replicating disciple makers across the nation and around the world in developing obedient disciple makers. You’ll see and hear first hand how this Biblical process is simple, sustainable, and scalable.

This national iDisciple conference will gather Disciple Making Movement strategists, trainers, planters and inquirers together for fellowship, conversations of best practices, encouragement, prayer and step-by-step training.

Join us with other disciple makers for this non-stop 3 day challenging conference to build your clear action plan this year to catalyze a movement of rapidly replicating disciple making groups in your community or circle of influence.

Our Promises:

1. You will know what to do.

2. You will not do it alone.

3. You will be able to reach the lost.

4. You will be able to make a difference.

5. We will help.

To learn more about Cityteam visit www.cityteam.org.

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