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Heartland Community

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Heartland Community


Church or Ministry Name: Heartland Community Church


Church or Ministry Physical Address:
Street Address : 12175 S. Strang Line Rd
City : Olathe
State : Kansas
Zip Code : 66062


Church or Ministry Main Phone: (913) 341-5820


Church or Ministry Main Email Address: info@heartlandchurch.org


Church or Ministry Website: http://www.heartlandchurch.org/


Name of Point Person for Mission Activity:

First : Harold
Last : Eastman


Best Phone Number for Reaching Point Person for Mission Activity:


Best Email Address for Reaching Point Person for Mission Activity: harolde@heartlandchurch.org


Church Denomination: Non-Denominational


Local Mission Activity (within 50-mile radius of KC Metro):


Mission Adelante in Kansas City, KS

The Hope Center in Kansas City, MO

Our Food Pantry at Heartland in Olathe, KS

Angel Tree Project in the KC Metro Area


Global Mission Activity (beyond a 50-mile radius of the KC Metro):


History Makers Church in Bryansk, Russia

Water Wells in Haiti