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Heartland Community (Bethel, MO)

Heartland Community Church in Bethel, Missouri, is led by Pastor Charlie Sharpe, and its Mission Director is David Barton (in photo).

David, who is serving as The Sending Project Liaison for this church, is married, has six children and his eleventh grandchild is on the way. He has been a member of Heartland Community Church for 13 years, and his primary responsibility, in addition to being the Mission Director, is serving with Heartland Christian College.

 The mission department of Heartland Community Church in Bethel, MO,sends teams around the world for evangelism outreaches, encouragement of local churches, and practical support and training for leaders. Heartland is a place where people from other nations can come to serve God and receive training.

 You can learn more about this church and its various missional ministries by going to: