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E3 Expedition Conference at Crosspoints Church

Sun, June 15, 2014

E3 Expedition Conference -- June 15-20

Crosspoints Church
6824 Lackman Rd
Shawnee, KS 66217

Go Global in your own backyard.

Go on Expedition in the USA.

The world has come to us. Never before have people from so many corners of the world been at our doorsteps. Inside our own cities are millions of people from unreached people groups who have never heard of Jesus. Millions more Americans live in apartment communities, urban neighborhoods, and city centers that need a local witness for Jesus.

While on a short expedition here in the USA, you will be trained how to reach these people by sharing your faith, identifying persons of peace, and starting small discovery Bible study groups, I am Second groups, with those who are interested. You will partner will local church, ministries and outreaches to start new spiritual communities in communities, neighborhoods, or apartment buildings that have no active witness.

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The E3 Expedition Conference is a partner of Paseo Baptist, a Sending Alliance church.

I hope you can participate in this kingdom-advancing experience!

Eric Rochester
Executive Director