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Community Health Evangelism Seminar at Westside

Fri, February 16, 2018

Westside Family Church invites you to a Community Health Evangelism (CHE) vision seminar. Using small-group interaction, problem-solving, and self-discovery, this seminar will introduce the why and how of the CHE model as practitioners have used it in communities overseas. The goal is to increase understanding of the challenges, best practices, and potential results of the CHE process. This seminar will also explore how CHE principles can impact your discipleship and neighborhood.

Community Health Evangelism is a Christ-centered educational program that is being used by hundreds of Christian churches and organizations across the globe. CHE equips communities to identify issues and mobilize resources to achieve positive, and sustainable change. Lives and communities are transformed as people come to Christ and work together to address local needs.
The Guiding Principles of CHE: 

  • Development: CHE is a long-term process that respectfully develops the most valuable resource in the community—the people themselves. 
  • Community Ownership: The community learns to do their own problem identiļ¬cation, prioritizing, solving, and evaluation. 
  • Wholistic and Integrated: Many community problems and their solutions are a blend of heart, mind, soul, and body. 
  • Multiplication: The CHE process is designed so each community can be an example and mentor to other communities. Disciples making disciples. 

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Friday, February 16
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Saturday, February 17
8:15 AM - 6:30 PM
Includes lunch


Westside Family Church
Community Room
8500 Woodsonia Drive
Lenexa, KS