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Church of Faith International

Church of Faith International is led by Pastor Anthony Andrews and is located at 3601 E 63rd St, Kansas City, MO, 64130.

Radical, out the box, humorous, caring, anointed, and innovative are just a few of the words used to describe Pastor Andrews. While in Texas on business, days before Katrina landed and destroyed much the Gulf region Pastor Andrews heard from the Lord that it was now time to start the church. In the parking lot of a Walgreens, Pastor Andrews life would change forever. He came back to Kansas City and began the mission of starting GOD's church, while following some specific instructions. With his wife and family by his side Church of Faith International was birthed. Starting with bible studies in his home. he and his wife began to cast the vision of a very special and unique church.

With approximately 35 people in the first service October 2005 Church of Faith International has been going strong ever since. Pastor Andrews uses his education, business savvy, extraordinary leadership skills, compassion for people, and his anointing from GOD to minister to a very diverse congregation. People from all walks of life call Church of Faith International their church home. On any given Sunday Pastor Andrews is preaching and teaching to 3 to 4 generations of people. Pastor Andrews has a gift of delivering the word of GOD in a way that every one is able to understand and be blessed by the message. With his wife, First Lady Tori by his side, this dynamic couple continues to bless the people of Kansas City, MO and abroad.

Pastor Andrews and Church of Faith International will open our 2nd location in PANAMA early 2012 and will open other Church of Faith International locations. Pastor Andrews has a motto, "Spread the Gospel to everyone!"

Church of Faith International is not focused on a persons clothing, car they drive, or not drive. Our church is focused on a persons soul and their walk with the Lord. We have a 'Come as you are' mentality. The lord saves souls not clothes.

Pastor Andrews is married to his wife Tori and they have 2 young girls.

The church website is:  http://cofikc.org/