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  • Discovery Bible Studies -- Training Session on Feb 22

    Click on the following link for the flyer about the Feb 22, 2014, training session on Discovery Bible Studies.


  • Turkey Trip with Dennis Wiens

    Click on the following links to learn more about the Turkey trip that Dennis Wiens is leading during March 23-April 1, 2014. It includes the 7 churches of Revelation, and the opportunity to learn about the great ministry of SAT-7. Dennis is the TSP Liaison for Avondale Baptist, a member of The Sending Alliance.




  • The Justice Conference

    Click on the following link for information about The Justice Conference simulcast at Woods Chapel in Lee's Summit, Missouri, taking place during February 21-22, 2014.


  • Perspectives Kansas City Area Classes for Spring 2014

    Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

    Are you ready for your life to be changed?

    Perspectives is a great opportunity to see God's heart for all of His people.

    With Biblical, Historical, Cultural, and Strategic sections of the class, you will journey through our Father's love for every tribe and language and people and nation.  Each week a different speaker shares how the Lord moves in this world.

    The course is organized by the US Center for World Missions and run by local teams every year all around the world.  Perspectives is a 16 week college level course.  It can be taken for college credit or at one of two non-credit levels - certificate, or key reading (audit).  The course runs during the typical college semester but is probably unlike any college course you have taken.  Enjoy worship, prayer, and teaching time every week!

    Kansas City will host three classes this spring - two full and one intensive (details below). If you have not experienced Perspectives, come join us at any of the classes for the first two weeks to see what the excitement is all about!  Attend any two classes with no obligation to register or continue. And remember, alumni attend for free - so bring a friend.

    For promotional materials, questions, or more information, please contact Al Wilkinson at al@notsofar.net or 785-341-8557 or Sherri Thomas at sherrithomas@gmail.com.   We have promotional flyers printed and available to help you promote Perspectives at your church. We would be happy to help you in your promotion efforts and we would thrilled to hear how you are promoting Perspectives.

    Olathe Spring 2014 - Full Class
    • Dates: January 12 - May 4, 2014
    • Meeting Time: Sundays, 6:00 - 9:00pm
    • Location: Life Church - Family Life Center, 16111 S. Lone Elm Road, Olathe, KS 66062
    Visit the class website for more information and registration
    Olathe Spring 2014 - Intensive Class
    • Dates: January 13 - May 5, 2014
    • Meeting Time: Mondays, 11:30am - 1:30pm
    • Location: Indian Creek Community Church, 12480 S. Blackbob Road, Olathe, KS 66062
    Visit the class website for more information and registration
    Liberty Spring 2014 - Full Class
    • Dates: January 13 - May 5, 2014
    • Meeting Time: Mondays, 6:30 - 9:15pm
    • Location: Liberty Christian Fellowship, 1815 W. Liberty Dr., Liberty, MO 64068
    Visit the class website for more information and registration


    See the world like Jesus does
  • "A Taste of Perspectives" at Palestine Missionary Baptist Church of Jesus Christ

    Taste and see that the Lord is good. - Psalm 34:8

    These Five Tuesdays Will Change Your Life

    You are invited to attend a life-changing class hosted at:

    Palestine Missionary Baptist Church
    3619 E. 35th Street, KCMO 64128


    Get to know the heart of God!
    Learn how to tell your Jesus story effectively every time!
    Cross cultural barriers with the gospel!

    January 14, 21, and 28
    February 4 and 11

    Lesson 1: What is God Doing Through Me These Days? Dr. Phillip Nelson
    Lesson 2: I Want to Give God the Glory Due Him! Steven Hawthorne
    Lesson 3: Am I My Brother's Keeper--The Nations! Richard Coleman
    Lesson 4: Thy Kingdom Come! Eric Zander
    Lesson 5: Unleashing the Gospel! Stan Yoder

    Cost is $50 (non-refundable) and includes all materials,
    renown speakers, five (5) weeks of teaching, and more!

    Pay (Register) by December 15, 2013

    To Pay/Register ONLINE
    click on the following link:


    Under "Give Online Now,” click on either Credit & Debit Card or
    Electronic Check and complete the personal information.
    The next page will provide a dropdown list of choices.
    Choose "TastePerspectiv" – then continue on to
    complete the online payment process.

    To Pay/Register by Check,
    Make Checks Payable to:

    Palestine Missionary Baptist Church of Jesus Christ

    Please mail or deliver your check to:

    Palestine Missionary Baptist Church
    3619 E. 35th Street, KCMO 64128

    Contact Edwina Martin for details and questions.

    Edlynn1355@gmail.com 816-924-4962

  • Outside Showers Are Now Even Awesomer





    Learn more about the mission work of Lee and Brianna Buell at wesaidyes.org



    Nigel show­ing off our new out­side shower!



    A great rain­storm always brings the ques­tion: “Can we put on our suits and take a shower in the rain?” And who would say no to that when Lee and I are just as eager to get out there also.



    Until last week we had to use one of the down­spouts that came with the house. While this worked, it required a really good down­pour and stand­ing in a part of the gar­den that became a lake because of the rain. These down­spouts were also not con­nected with our cis­tern, so all of the water from the front of our roof was just falling on the ground.



    A team came down from Kansas City two weeks ago (made up of a few Hill­cresters and the rest were mem­bers of Macado­nia Bap­tist). We loved get­ting to know so many new peo­ple. An added plus is a group of the team helped Lee to install the rest of our rain-catchment sys­tem. The front down­spouts are now con­nected to pipes that drain into our cis­tern. They work GREAT. Before, we had to get a water truck to fill the cis­tern about every 3 weeks. Now it has been almost a month and it is still VERY full because of rain about every other day for the last week.



    Lee added a valve, right off our porch, so we can still take show­ers when it rains. As you can see in the pic­ture, it works great. We can turn the valve off or on, to direct the water either into the cis­tern or out the “shower head.“


    Lee also said that because all new shower heads in the states are restricted by law to 2 gal­lons per mintute, the shower we have now would be ille­gal because dur­ing a hard rain it’s eas­ily 10 times that amount.



  • Rapid Growth of The Sending Project Means Big Crowd at 4-Year Celebration!



    Wow! The Sending Project's 4-Year Celebration was really fantastic! It was a great and diverse gathering of 180 people from the Body of Christ, representing about 40 different churches from across the KC metro area.


    The food was great, and the updates about what God is doing through The Sending Project (TSP) were inspiring.


    In connection with The Sending Project's rapid growth over the last year, we invite you to join with us and become a Sending Project financial partner, by giving monthly toward our general fund.


    Your donations of $25/month or $50/month or more, will go a long way in helping us...


    resource the sending of the Church by

    building missional awareness, community, and collaboration.



    To easily learn about the various ways you can donate to The Sending Project, please click on the following link:




    A HUGE THANK YOU to those of you who are already financially supporting the ministry of a TSP staff member, missionary, project, or the general fund.


    The Sending Project really is about all of us working together to advance God's Kingdom. Thanks for your prayers!


    Please check The Sending Project website regularly as we will be posting blog articles and other updates over the upcoming weeks and months.


    The Church of KC is on the move...

    missionally --TOGETHER.


    All glory to God!


  • Explore the Principles and Practices of Disciple-Making Movements



    Check out this innovative and strategic opportunity, presented by Roy Moran, the Lead Pastor of Shoal Creek Community Church in Liberty, Missouri, a member of The Sending Alliance.



    Starting this fall explore the phenomena of disciple making movements and the implications for Kansas City.


    Tuesday mornings 6:30 am to 8:30 am, Sept 17 (limit of 8 people per session)


    Register using Facebook login at http://bit.ly/12C8jkp


    How do you Disciple a City?


    Arthur C. Clarke said


    “Every revolutionary idea seems to evoke three stages of reaction. They may be summed up by the phrases:


    • It's completely impossible.
    • It's possible, but it's not worth doing. 
    • I said it was a good idea all along.”


    The church as we know it is in trouble.  Please note that the Church is never in trouble because Jesus promised to build it, keep it, redeem it and bring it to glory.  But the institution we know as the local church is on a glide path for irrelevance in North America.


    The decline in attendance by generation is enough to drive us to despair.


    Thom Rainer estimates the proportion of each generation reached for Christ in the USA:


    65% of those born between 1910-1945.
    35% of those born between 1946-1964.

    15% of those born between 1965-1976.
    4% of those born between 1977-1994.



    88% of all under the age of 26 do not attend church at all!



    In World Christian Trends Barrett and Johnson calculate that it costs the US institutional church $1,551,466 to baptize each new member it brings in!



    Since this book was published in 2001 church budgets have risen and church attendance plummeted so the figure may be approaching $2 million dollars per convert!



    For that kind of money you’d think you would get converts who were sold out for the cause, nothing could be further from the truth.  Jim Putnam in Discipleshift ponders the plight of the modern church.



    Consider how recent statistics show that when it comes to morality and lifestyle issues, there is little difference between the behavior (and one can assume condition of the heart) of Christians and non- Christians. Divorce rates are about the same. The percentages of men who regularly view pornography are roughly the same — and it’s a lot of men.


    Christians are considered to be more than two times as likely to have racist attitudes as non-Christians. Domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and most other problems are just as prevalent among Christians as among non-Christians. Consider too statistics about evangelicals. About one in four people living together outside marriage call themselves evangelicals.

    This is depressing stuff!  Shouldn’t this drive us to pursue new and drastic means to accomplish the mission that Jesus gave us.  Yet business as usual seems to be the order of the day.

    If you are reading this you have an interest in doing something different.  But are you prepared for a revolution?  That is what it is going to take!

    If Arthur C. Clarke is right you are going to have to face “It is completely impossible!”, response long enough to move the revolution thru the stages until you build momentum.

    So here is a suggestion for fomenting a revolution.

    Stage One:


    • Identify people who share your holy discontent.(This will be harder than you think!)


    Stage Two


    • Experience “Hacking the Gospel: freeing the good news from the church” together.  This course is a 9 week exposure to disciple making movement methodology being used around the world.


    Stage Three


    • Launch a Disciple-making Movements Learning Community in your part of the city.


    Stage Four


    • Produce and propagate a strategy to reach your part of the City


    Stage Five


    • Start a training revolution and train any and everyone you can how to plant a reproducing gospel in every census block in KC (71,504 blocks)


    Stage Six


    • Multiply your DMLC into smaller sectors of your City reaching into the outlying areas.


    A Brief Overview of the Course:

    Hacking the Gospel:  freeing the message of Jesus from the church.

    Week #1 Is the church in North America really in trouble.

    Week #2  What’s so great about the Great Commission?

    Week #3  What’s so bad about a great big fat Greek mind?

    Week #4  What in the world is God up to? (overview of movements)

    Week #5  What is a disciple?

    Week #6  What does a disciple do? (discovery group process)

    Week #7  How does a disciple make disciples? (reproduction)

    Week #8  What does it take to lead, in movements?

    Week #9  Building a City Strategy thru learning communities (DMLC)



    Roy Moran
    Spiritual Literacy Catalyst





    Join Online Campus Sundays 9:30/11am (CST/UTC/GMT -6 hours)

    Follow on Twitter www.twitter.com/roymoran


    www.RoyMoran.com (personal blog)  






  • The Sending Agency


    The Sending Project functions as a church-assisting organization, that is building awareness, community, and collaboration among pastors and church mission leaders through the following ministries:


    • THE SENDING REGISTRY – a comprehensive city-wide database of the local and global sending activities of churches – building awareness
    • THE SENDING NETWORK – a relational body of pastors and church mission leaders in a city-wide area, growing in friendships with each other and sharing mission-related information for the purpose of learning and helping each other – building community
    • THE SENDING ALLIANCE – a coalition of pastors and church mission leaders who are devoted to journeying together in connection with God’s mission in the world – building collaboration


    By fulfilling these functions, The Sending Project is continuing to be highly visible among pastors and mission leaders in the Greater Kansas City area.  However, there is a part of TSP’s purpose that is less visible but, extremely important.


    TSP also serves as a Sending Agency for local and global missionaries, both short and long-term.  This is one of the ways that TSP puts its vision into action.  By providing some of the functional needs of missionaries and their support system, TSP is helping to mobilize individuals, families, and groups in spreading the Gospel throughout the world.


    TSP provides various services for churches and missionaries, allowing them to focus on their primary purpose of missions.  These services are very practical and include consultation, education, and facilitation in all areas of missionary needs.  Currently, TSP supports eight missionaries and welcomes the addition of many more.


    If you or your church has a need for a sending agency for short-term or long-term missionaries, please contact Eric or Craig via the “Contact” link on this website.


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