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Avondale Baptist Church

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Avondale Baptist Church



Church Name: Avondale Baptist Church


Church Physical Address:
Street Address : 2501 NE Parvin Road
City : Kansas City
State : Missouri
Zip Code : 64116


Church Main Phone: (816) 452-7144


Church Main Email Address: teresa.brotherton@avondalebc.org


Church Website: http://avondalebc.org


Name of Point Person for Church Mission Activity:
First : Dennis
Last : Wiens


Best Phone for Reaching Point Person for Church Mission Activity: (816) 200-4788


Best Email for Reaching Point Person for Church Mission Activity: dwiens@kc.rr.com


Church Denomination: none


Church Affiliation: none


Local Mission Activity (within 50-mile radius of KC Metro):
Calvary Bible College and Seminary
Rescue Mission
Rachael's House
I Am Second


Global Mission Activity (beyond a 50-mile radius of the KC Metro):
AVANT Ministries
Brazil Gospel Fellowship
World Venture
Rio Grand Bible Institute
Word of Life
Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
Mokahum Ministry Center - MN