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building missional awareness,
community, and collaboration,
among a diversity of churches



The Sending Agency

The Sending Project (TSP) also serves as a Sending Agency for local and global outreach.
Whether you're going short-term, long-term, or some length of time in between,
TSP is ready to help you along the way with the following services:

  • training and coaching for your outreach
  • networking you with other potential donors and volunteers
  • training and coaching for support raising
  • processing donations toward your outreach
  • tax-deduction for donations toward your outreach
  • an annual donation statement to your donors
  • assisting you with tax-related questions
  • a low admin fee compared to industry norms

Our current Sending Agency Agents

Anita Boucher
Brandon Chapman
Gerhard Duvenhage
Gabriel Riak
Ken Forbes
Kristan Hammond
Joel Stark
Charley and Erica Worthey

For more information, please contact The Sending Agency Director, Jason Reiswig at jason.reiswig@thesendingproject.org.