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  • TSP Missionary -- Megan Spencer -- Update from Guatemala

    I have been in Guatemala for a month now, can you believe it?! It has been an interesting and fantastic experience thatI will never forget.I want to take this time and say thank you so much for the support, both financially and emotionally, that you have provided in order to make this experience possible.I would not be here if it was not for your generosity and kindness, and I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am living with a wonderful family in San Pedro el Panarama, whic...

  • Megan Arrives in Guatemala!

    Megan Spencer, TSP Missionary from Christ Church Anglican, has arrived in Guatemala!  She is there on a 5-month mission to help with New Life School.  This photo is from the area where Megan will be serving, in Antigua.

  • Meet Megan Spencer: TSP's First Intermediate-Term Missionary!