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building missional awareness,
community, and collaboration,
among a diversity of churches

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  • Extended Report on March 3rd Event -- by Gary Groening

    On March 3rd, a group of 33 church mission leaders representing 14 churches of various denominations met to network and share about their efforts for mission, both local and global. This initial gathering was sponsored by The Sending Project, a non-profit organization designed to build a city-wide alliance of churches to work together strategically on mission. Eric Rochester (Director of The Sending Project) opened the meeting with enthusiasm for the many people attending and gave God the glory ...

  • March 3rd KC Church Mission Leaders Gathering

    A community of church mission leaders in the KC area is starting to build.  On Thursday, March 3rd, 33 of these leaders, representing 14 different churches (and multiple denominations) gathered at Indian Creek Community Church, in Olathe, KS, on March 3rd. Each church shared about their missions ministry in KC and various places around the globe.