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Saturate KC Meta-Network Zoom Meeting

Thu, May 14, 2020

May 14 - Saturate KC Meta-Network Zoom Meeting - 7:00-8:30pm - A gathering of pastors, church leaders, ministry leaders, marketplace leaders, and others from all across the KC metro area, celebrating how God is working through the citywide Body of Christ to reach toward the saturation of the Kansas City area with His presence.

The Saturate KC Meta-Network is a Network of Networks, which includes:

  • KC Pastors Missional Network
  • KC Prayer Bus Tour Network
  • KC Bible Impact Network
  • KC Women Leaders Missional Network
  • Heal KC Network
  • KC Health Professions Ministry Network
  • KC Creativity and Faith Missional Network
  • KC Next Generation Leaders Missional Network
  • KC Educators Missional Network
  • KC Bible-Based Trauma Healing Facilitators Network
  • KC Marketplace Leaders Missional Network
  • KC Missional Prayer Leaders Network

You will also hear updates about some of the NEW Networks that are planned to start soon, including:

  • KC Loves Israel Network
  • KC Sports Leaders Missional Network
  • KC Civic Leaders Missional Network
  • KC Global Mission Leaders Network

God has done some amazing things in our city over this past year.  Please join us on this May 14 Zoom Meeting to celebrate how God is working through the citywide Church of KC as it networks together around Jesus and His mission!

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