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building missional awareness,
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KC Bible-based Trauma Healing Initial Equipping Session

Fri, November 30, 2018

KC Bible-Based Trauma Healing Initial Equipping Session

Building missional awareness, community, and collaboration around Jesus and trauma healing.

Purpose of this Initial Equipping Session

To train church, ministry, and organizational leaders in the American Bible Society's Trauma Healing Institute Ministry (a.k.a.  Healing the Wounds of the Heart). You are welcome to participate in this Initial Equipping Session even if your church, ministry, or organization is not ready to fully integrate Trauma Healing into their ministry or organization.

About this Initial Equipping Session
Participants learn basic biblical and mental health principles related to trauma care. They will also:

  • explore if they  themselves are carrying any wounds of trauma or loss and bring those  to Christ for healing 
  • learn how to lead groups  in a participatory way 
  • learn the program model 
  • develop plans for using  what they learn in their ministries, organizations,  and community 

Trauma healing facilitators aim to “do no harm” to those they help. To this end, participants are evaluated during this equipping session. A simple test measures mastery of content.  A short practice facilitation exercise includes feedback on facilitator strengths and suggestions to address areas needing improvement.

Who Should Attend?
This training is open to laypeople and ministry/church leaders, including but not limited to mental health professionals, social justice advocates, NGO workers, and various others. The necessary qualifications are as follows:

  • able to communicate in English 
  • have sufficient status to teach others in a community 
  • able to attend the entire training session 
  • be at least 18 years old 
  • committed to help trauma survivors 
  • able to give at least 2 weeks throughout each year to trauma healing 

This Initial Equipping Session is followed by a practicum in which apprentice facilitators teach the core lessons at least two times. The training process is completed with an Advanced Equipping session.

Why Trauma Healing?
Trauma knows no boundaries of nationality, gender, age, social class, or race. We all live in a fallen world and groan inwardly from the painful consequences of the fall. Trauma can create a barrier to people engaging with Scripture and creates a barrier to God, community, and self. People that have experienced trauma may read the Bible or hear scripture spoken, but yet the messages they so desperately need may not get into their hearts due to trauma. A Bible-based response to trauma and the Church being equipped to provide it can bring forth much fruit. The Church is uniquely called to this mission field¬ of trauma healing.

November 27-30, 2018
Check in at 8:00am, November 27

Palestine Missionary Baptist Church of Jesus Christ
3619 E 35th St
Kansas City, MO 64128

Event Participation Fee
$50 per person

Limited number of scholarships available
This Initial Equipping session has reached capacity, and registration is closed.  

To be placed on the waiting list, please call Mark Davis at 913-206-6835.

Payment is accepted in the form of check, cash, or credit card. Credit card payment is done at the time of online registration. Checks or cash payments must arrive at The Sending Project office, located at Indian Creek Community Church, no later than November 21, 2018, to reserve your spot.

For more information contact Mark Davis at 913-206-6835 or mark.davis@thesendingproject.org.

Event Facilitators

Mark Davis is the Director of Bible-Based Trauma Healing Ministry in the KC area with The Sending Project (TSP). He is a marriage and family therapist who has worked with traumatized children, youth, and their families for the last 13 years. Mark has led pastors' conferences in Nicaragua for the last 10 years. Mark currently also serves as a Church Relations Specialist with TSP where he helps KC metro area pastors, church leaders, and ministry leaders strategize with a missional focus.

Donna McDaniel has worked in the hotel hospitality industry for 30 years. Donna received her call to ministry in 2005 at a conference in Dallas and was hired as the Minister of Outreach at Red Bridge United Methodist Church in KC. She was appointed as Associate Pastor of Outreach in November 2009. Donna volunteers with a variety of other ministries and is a certified John Maxwell speaker, teacher, and coach. She entered into the ministry of Bible-based trauma healing with the American Bible Society and The Sending Project in August 2017 and is currently serving as a facilitator.

Richard Casebolt came to Kansas City in 1999 to attend Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he met his wife Vicki. After marrying and receiving their Masters in Divinity degrees, they left for Thailand in early 2005 where they served in collegiate ministry, discipleship, and church planting. In 2011 the Casebolts returned to Kansas City and transitioned into missionaries to the nations dispersed throughout the KC metro area. In 2016 Richard and Vicki founded Refuge KC, a non-profit. Richard is also the Discipleship Pastor at Mosaic Bible Fellowship.

Vicki Gregg has 32 years of operational leadership experience in a corporate environment. She recently served as the Director of Ministry Services at If Not For Grace Ministry overseeing the healing of abortion-wounded for 2 years before taking on a position at the Department of Homeland Security. Vicki and her husband of 31 years have 6 children, have faithfully served in their churches, and have opened their home to share the love of Christ with International Foreign Exchange Students for the past 10 years. Through the grace and healing she has received, Vicki has a passion to facilitate God’s love and healing to the brokenhearted.

What KC Trauma Healing Participants are Saying

  • "I recommend Trauma Healing groups of the Trauma Healing Institute because it changed my Life…” (Kansas City pastor)
  • "I thank God for this moment. I am so blessed for how God works with His people. I feel 100% healed…”   
  • “I have laid all actions and feelings of resentment, which I have been slowed down by, at the cross. I surrender my will to His will for my life…”
  • “...It was a blessing to be part of this Trauma Healing program…I didn’t know that I had many wounds in my life when I am serving in the Kingdom of God work for the past sixteen years as a full-time minister; but in this training I saw all the wounds in my life and I brought all to the cross. I am free and blessed by this Trauma Healing program….” (Kansas City Pastor)

In partnership with the American Bible Society and Biblica, the KC Bible Experience is facilitated locally by Mainstream Bible Outreach Society and The Sending Project, and includes a variety of initiatives that relate to the advancement of Bible engagement in the KC metro and surrounding area.